Phil Dale has been a one of a kind inspiring stylist for a decade now. He has had the opportunity to train with international stylists and contribute a unique approach to hairstyling within the Atlanta area. Phil's passion and philosophy about hair is to remain in the present thought that allows himself to connect with his clients and channel the creativity needed to produce innovative styles.

Lisa Dale is a progressive hair stylist taking the European free form sculpting approach to hair design. Lisa has the gift of serving her clients and delivering high fashion styles with a balanced technique. She feels her ability to connect with her clients and share her passion is her own reward.

Angelique Dale is a gifted, awe-inspiring, technical young artist. She has been creating detailed jewelry designs since early childhood, interning at Atlanta Beads and starting her own private line, Crystalique, at eight years of age. Now, at age twelve, she is balancing her creative time with jewelry design, painting abstract expressionism and photography. Angelique's jewelry and paintings can be found inside STUDIO PHILISA SALON/GALLERY. Angelique gives thanks to her parents for fostering the environment and feeding her the energy needed to bring her ideas to reality.